Monday, May 17, 2004

freeport, maine: adventures with all day breakfast

So, you know that we've been in Kennebunkport. I do believe that I neglected to mention that I drove over 3,000 miles in six days to get us there. Let me just say that I do NOT recommend this demonic method of travel. For various irritating and unavoidable reasons, time had been squandered down to a fraction of what it was supposed to be, for the trip across country. If you've wandered through our website, you know that Ron is legally blind. This means that I slip on my Goal Setting Single-Minded Woman With a Purpose persona, and drive like hell. I only did it because the Dreams Can't Wait workshop was by no means going to WAIT, and we both wanted and needed to be there. Obviously we made it, and I gathered my fractured brain cells together in time to enjoy the weekend. SO.....

Today we wandered slowly an eensy weensy way up the coast to Freeport, Maine, about 60 miles. Fortunately for us, this is still off-season, and we were able to find a campground. Yep, we are RVunplugged. But that doesn't mean we don't need to do laundry and take care of business along the way, and this is very convenient to our appointment at DeLorme tomorrow (more about that later!).

Doesn't Freeport, Maine just conjure up a pleasant picture? Charming town, fresh lobster, L.L. Bean open 24-hours a day. Oh, and don't forget the ambiance! The whole Maine persona of lighthouses, lobster pots and all things salty. So as we approached our campground, I'm primed and ready for all of the aforementioned bits of kitsch. Imagine my surprise as we were greeted by a compelling line of little ceramic dwarves. Majestically posed in front of the office, fanciful colors of pointy little dwarf hats, some even raising a hand of greeting. Inside the rec room, one lone dwarf stood in his new suit of color, lovingly provided by Rita, the resident manager.

Rita herself is pretty much a sprightly elf of a lady, with a welcoming smile and a real "Mainah" accent. She just loves her little guys, and keeping their finery bright. She transports lilliputians up from her Florida winters, and immediately bedecks them in an imaginative array of colors. Her latest addition was proudly sporting a purple hat, flamingo pink trousers, and a positively shimmering bronze jacket, faintly reminiscent of a pint-sized Liberace. We'll be posting pics as soon as we get to Costco for a new floppy drive, and you'll get to see Rita and her band of merry men.

Hmmmm...must be time for the first installment of Great Grub and Fun Food. We love to find the local hangout, joint, hut, or otherwise anti-chain dining establishment. It is a point of honor to eat where the locals do, and to find a regional food experience. For Kennebunkport, we can report a great little place for breakfast called...All Day Breakfast. You can have anything you want there, as long as it's breakfast. A charming little place painted buttercup yellow inside, they dish up fluffy eggs, potatoes from scratch, homemade crepes and muffins, pancakes bedecked with Maine blueberries and Maine maple syrup, and a heaping helping of Maine hospitality. There are fun vintage type salt & pepper shakers on each table, everything from cowboy boot and hat, to cherubic angels bearing your seasonings. We were treated like "instant" locals, and went there three times.

Ironically, we've been traveling with a can of a dubious food item called All Day Breakfast that our son Derek brought from England as a joke. He brought two cans home while he was at Oxford, and gave them to Ron. The bright blue label had a realistic rendering of the contents, which included a little fried egg, beans, bits of bacon and sausage, and probably assorted snouts and bottoms of cloven hoofed creatures in a savory tomato sauce. We all thought it was a pretty frightening combination, but Ron, with his highly developed palette, heated up a can and tried it. He reported that it wasn't too bad, so you might want to take our restaurant reviews with a grain of sea salt. Anyway, being diehard sentimentalists ("we can't throw it away...Derek brought it from ENGLAND!") we had been carrying this can of....stuff...with us for the past couple of years. Ron knew he had found the perfect way to memorialize the gift. We had found a place where it could dwell in perpetuity, and even be revered and honored for years to come! Last week, we conducted a moving ceremony in the steaming kitchen of All Day Breakfast, where the can of All Day Breakfast was presented to the owner of All Day Breakfast. Rarely have I seen such an expression of rapt....confusion. Just kidding. She actually was completely entertained and delighted with our token of esteem, and has incorporated the "can o'snouts" into the decor of the cafe.

Today we'll be sitting by the sparkling waters of Casco Bay while we partake of lobster and shrimp at the Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster Company. We went there a couple of years ago, and can't wait to have lunch there today. Time to go out into the sunshine!