Monday, January 23, 2006

Another Beautiful Golf Course

This one happens to be right next to the Elk's Lodge
in Gilroy. We spent some at Camping World, then took
a walk here.

Isn't this a lovely view? A couple of golfers came by in
their cart and told me not to walk onto the course...
they had just seen a baby bobcat! It sped away into
the woods on the left, and they said the Momma Bobcat
was probably not far away.

The golf course appears to be huge, definitely
need a golf cart to play here.

We're heading back towards Indio for a few days
to hover close by while a friend has surgery.
Then on to Quartzsite to meet up with friends there.

All the while, I'm able to work on copywriting
projects on the road with our Datastorm satellite.
Pretty cool!