Monday, January 09, 2006

Are You A Golf Nut?

We aren't...but if we were, this would be a great
place to indulge!

The RV park is still being constructed, but they already have
a gorgeous golf course wrapping three sides of the park.
Eventually, the golf course will surround the entire park.

It's beautifully manicured, and practically everyone staying
here has golf bags sitting outside the door of their rig.
Of course, I love the birds the landscaping attracts.

Along with your golf clubs, be sure and bring your
hummingbird feeder! The little jeweled wonders
zip to and fro all through the park.

But keep your kitties inside if you travel with
a cat...we hear coyotes yipping and barking
every night, and early in the morning.

Some guy pulled out the other day, and then called
the park announcing he had "forgotten" his cat.

Sure enough, the poor thing is huddled under
somebody's motorhome, refusing to come out.
Even the enticement of some aromatic tuna
didn't budge the little fellow.
He jumps up into the undercarriage of the
motorhome and disappears.

I can't for the life of me understand why the pet
owner didn't just turn around immediately and
come back for his friend. Apparently he called
minutes after he left, so he couldn't have been
too far away. Oh well. Some people don't deserve
the love and devotion of their pets. :0[