Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Carnivore Moment

When you're racing through the "everything looks
the same" landscape of the Central California
I-5 corridor, be sure and keep an eye out for
Harris Ranch.

It's a lovely little oasis that will transport
you to the feeling of "old California", and a
delicious place to stop for a meal.

Now I have to say, I could care less about steak,
or pretty much beef in general outside of an
occasional hamburger.

But even I can appreciate the incredibly healthy
looking cuts of beef at Harris Ranch!

They ship anywhere in the world, which is also
rather impressive.

But my favorite thing to do at Harris Ranch
is have breakfast. Mmmm-good! Great service too,
and most likely you'll overhear local ranchers
or citrus growers discussing their crops or
irrigation systems while you butter your biscuits.

Harris Ranch has plenty of oversized parking for
your RV, so don't be afraid to stop. You can get
fuel, buy a bag of locally grown oranges for a buck,
wander the hallways of the inn, and have a memorable
meal too.

This is what RVing is all about isn't it? To be
able to stop and enjoy the surprises along the way,
even if you're temporarily traveling via the freeway.

For me, this is one of the rewards of being a freelance
copywriter. Being able to travel in our RV, creating
special days and memories.