Saturday, January 21, 2006


After our seminar in San Francisco, I needed a few
days to catch up with other projects.

So we've been hanging out in Gilroy, California
for a few days. But fair warning...don't spend
time in Gilroy unless you LOVE garlic!

Just like when you go to Hershey, PA the air
is thick with the scent of chocolate...Gilroy
lives under an almost constant layer of
garlicy aromas. They also grow lots of
brocolli here, so when the inversion begins,
it's kind of like living in a giant stir
fry wok. Pretty pungent!

Folks that live here don't seem to notice
it much, but we sure do.

But it's a convenient place to stop, with
a new Walmart Supercenter nestled right
next to a Costco. Plus our favorite burger
stop, In and Out Burgers.

Just up 101 a few miles is a Camping World.
And if you're an Elk, Gilroy has an Elk's Lodge
with RV hookups.

But don't even think about staying overnight
in a parking lot in Gilroy! There's a city
ordinance forbidding overnight parking. And
the Walmart parking lot is filled with signs
telling you so in no uncertain terms.