Sunday, January 29, 2006

World Headquarters In Yuma, AZ

Even though we started full time RVing over 10 years ago, we periodically get the urge to "nest" for a while.

Over the years, we've had three different winter properties in the foothills of Yuma, Arizona. Fixed them up and enjoyed them, been bitten even harder by the travel bug, sold em' and headed off into the wild blue yonder again.

The've been profitable investments and temporary "storage units!"

This time we decided to completely remodel a little place in the Foothills, and transform it into a winter office for my freelance copywriting work, as well as a place for some freedom for Ron's guide dog Rusty.

Even if we're only here a month or two a year, the property here is increasing in value at a mind-boggling pace, so it's money in the bank. Besides, we've had great fun transforming it into an "old Mexico" tropical retreat.

And it gives me a chance to flex my green thumb a bit. The place had no vegetation whatsoever on it when we bought it last spring, except for one palm tree and a nice Saguaro cactus.

We've also had murals painted on the outside storage building, as well as inside the place. More photos of that later! For today, here's a few shots of our personal little tropical paradise, and our private "beach"! (Can you find the garage door handle in the middle of our ocean view??)

Happy Travels. If you're in Yuma, shoot us an email. We'll have a Corona or Margarita and watch the sunset over the mountains.