Wednesday, February 01, 2006

McDowell Regional Park

Here's another one of our favorite places.

McDowell Regional Park, just outside Fountain Hills, AZ.
And THAT's just outside Scottsdale!

The really cool thing is McDowel Regional Park is only about
12 miles from the Mayo Clinic. So if you need to have a tune-up,
you can still enjoy this peaceful park.

One year I even recovered from surgery here, taking slow
walks around the campground loops. The constant birdsong
and scent of creosote bush was a healing balm for sure.

If you love birds, you'll love McDowell. One of my favorites
is the brilliant red cardinals with their mousy brown "wives".
I don't know why these festive birds don't visit Yuma, but
they never do.

One year we spotted an eight foot rattlesnake sunning itself
in an empty campsite. The park ranger said it was the biggest
they'd ever seen in the park.

It's peaceful and quiet, except for the intense activity of the
coyotes every night. You can hear all the myriad differences in
their nightly vocals, and watch the community rules of the pack.

They're all around the park every day.

Plus, if you enjoy mountain biking, the trails all around the
park are great.

Water and Electric hookups, huge campsites, gorgeous views,
and a dumpsite at the entrance to the campground.