Thursday, April 13, 2006

Amarillo Driveby

This is some CRAZY stuff, this is!

When we pulled into the rest area just East of Amarillo, these folks had
arrived a few minutes ahead of us. We'd all been traveling East on I-40 within
a few minutes of each other. When they checked their tow vehicle, this is what they found! Can you see the little bullet hole in their crackled window? Plus the line of indentations on their side panel from other hits they took...

Lo and behold, another rig was already parked here that had suffered the same weird event...take a look at their tow vehicle.

Their windows weren't left open...they are GONE!

It's kind of hard to see at this angle, but this window is completely
crackled as well.

Let me tell you, in over ten years of RV travel all over the U.S. and Canada,
we have NEVER experienced anything like this! The investigation began in the
parking lot, with the sheriff's deputy saying perhaps somebody was taking potshots from one of the overpasses between Amarillo and the rest area.

We checked out our rig stem to stern with no damage being found.
Looks like the loonie-tunes liked picking on cars being towed behind motorhomes.

These RV'ers (both happened to be from Washington State by the way) had been at the previous rest area 50 miles before, with no damage to their rigs. When Ron got to thinking about it, the theory he came up with really makes sense.

There's no way to get 4-5 shots off from an overpass, at rigs going 70mph below. Plus, the hits were all taken on the driver's side or back end of the rigs. So it would seem that the "shooter" was a passenger in a vehicle traveling in the fast lane, aiming out a window. Probably a pellet gun, or they would have blown holes all the way through the side of the car, not just dented it. Of course, the driver's never heard a thing.

All in all, a pretty unnerving thought. And hard to know if it was bored locals entertaining themselves, or somebody travelling cross country on I-40.

So, the GOOD news is...nobody was hurt. Everybody is insured. And both couples took it in stride, not about to quit RVing because somebody's out there with a few screws loose. After all, if we let one nutcase spoil the wonderful adventures of RVing, what kind of sense would that make?

The really cool thing is, we were able to pitch in and help these folks get some pictures of their rigs (because they didn't have digital cameras). Brooms, dustpans, and the ever present duct tape magically appeared for instant repairs and cleanup. Everybody spent some time talking together, and NOBODY was left alone to figure things out on their own.

THAT is the beauty of RVing. You have an instant bond and sense of community, even in the middle of Texas, next to a freeway. After we had lunch, our road buddy in the little yellow truck pulled in, so all in all, it was quite an eventful rest stop break!

HINT: Be sure to carry a cell phone and a digital or disposable camera with you when you go RVing! Not only is it a great way to communicate and share your adventures, it just might get you out of a jam, document an unexpected event, or summons help in an emergency.

Keep your eyes open on the road too. We can all support each other for miles and miles of safe RV travels.