Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Goal Setting on Steroids

Do you know what happens when you
close the door on negativity and set
a goal firmly in your mind?

You can achieve it!

This just arrived last Friday,
"The Six Figure Copywriting Truck".

Our brand new 2006 Freightliner M2 Sportchassis.

Also known as a Medium Duty Truck.

Occasionally referred to as a Big Ass Truck! :0)

Ron and I have wanted one of these since we
started RVing, but once upon a time it seemed
beyond our reach.

Last November, we wrote down a list of our
financial goals, and some specific results
we wanted to come into our life from them.

One of the things on our list was this truck.
And I do mean, THIS exact truck, with all
the bells and whistles.

After all...if you're going to set a goal, why
not a HUGE goal? :0)

Ron made a photo of the truck into a screensaver.
The first photo on this page
is the image we've been looking at
for the past 4-months.

We looked at it every day, it was just "there",
like a fixture in our minds. Amazing things
happen when you start reprogramming your

It's happening while you're sleeping.
It's happening while you're working.
It's happening as silently and reliably as
the blood coursing through your veins.

And almost like magic, the wheel is set
into motion. You begin attracting what
you think about.

The rest of the photos are of the truck
that showed up at the "winter office"
last Friday.

We'll be traveling in our new ride to Florida,
Washington D.C., and cross-country
back to Idaho and Montana...departure
in about a week.

Rusty's happy, and so are we!

He particularly likes the DVD/TV
in the backseat. It's even got gameports
for X-Box/Playstation/Nintendo with
wireless headphones.

Better keep my big kids out of the
backseat when they come to visit!

I'm not sure Ron won't start riding back
there with Rusty. :0)

Except when he's in the FRONT seat, Ron
can play with the onboard GPS system
or the built-in iPod holder.

Gotta tell you, this truck is pretty
darned incredible. I'm calling it
the "Redneck Ferrari".

So what does this mean to YOU?


Set your sites on your goals.

Keep focused on the positive.

Refuse to let toxic people or
dysfunctional relationships run
your life.

Instead, take action every day and
transform your goals into your reality.

Believe in yourself enough to
go after what you want.

And then see what shows up at YOUR door.

To your massive success,
Tina, Ron, and Rusty the Wonderdog