Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hello Roads To Adventure!

Ready to go...

"Camp Walmart" Gallup, New Mexico

That's us in the background (not the unhooked one!)

Gallup, NM is definitely RV friendly. We stopped early afternoon,
but by 9 p.m. the entire end of the parking lot is now filled with
RV's. There's a Cracker Barrel next door, as well as a Home Depot.

They've torn up the overpass at the exit from I-40, so you won't
be able to make the left turn at the light to access the
frontage road that leads directly into the Wal-Mart.
If you take the first left turn lane after the light, it will take
you through a mall parking lot, and you can access the frontage road from
there. Looks like we'll get detoured into town tomorrow morning.
They've torn out the entrance ramp back onto I-40!

One warning though...there are quite a few panhandlers in this
here. We were approached a couple of times when we were
outside the rig. They were polite, but it appears there are quite
a number of folks who are "working" this parking lot.

We've stayed in many Wal-Marts and this is a very unusual occurence.
Still, it works fine for a night's rest on our cross country trek.
As always, we picked up some trash from our corner of the lot, spent money
in Wal-Mart and the Carl's Jr. next door (very clean and good service
too by the way...try the grilled BBQ chicken sandwich! Quite tasty.)

Remember if you stay at a Wal-Mart to be a say "thanks" by shopping,
returning shopping carts, or doing a little general cleanup. That's
how we can keep the majority of Wal-Mart's RV friendly!

Tomorrow we'll cross New Mexico and start into the Texas Panhandle.