Saturday, April 29, 2006

Let's Go To The Farmer's Market!

Happy Earth Day from the St. Augustine
Farmer's Market!

Boy oh boy, do we love to find a nice Farmer's Market in
our travels. And guess what? This one is right next door
to the Elk's Lodge! They're planning a full day of festivities
because of Earth Day, so I'm sure we'll wander back this afternoon.

I couldn't wait to get some fresh produce...we finished our
walk here and came back to the rig laden with plump fresh strawberries,
cucumbers, squash, orange tomatoes, grapefruit, the most equisitely
sweet cantalope, AND fresh baked multigrain bread. Yummy!

Here's the vendor row...

And here's where we shopped!
This is Nelson. He has 10 acres of citrus where his
family grows oranges and grapefruit. We sampled his wares
and bought pink grapefruit for fifty cents!

We stopped for appreciative sniffs of these fragrant herbs...

This nice lady's whole family bakes all night
long to prepare for Farmer's Market day. Her whole grain bread is fat free,
sugar and salt free, and jam packed with scrumptious home baked flavor.
Mmmmm-good!We resisted all the other tempting treats...

Hmmmmm, maybe we should stay a bit longer
in St. Augustine. Next Saturday the Farmer's Market
is setting up in the Elk's Lodge parking lot!