Saturday, April 29, 2006

St. Augustine Elk's Lodge

Here's why we like Elk's Lodges!

This is where we are staying in St. Augustine, Florida.

The birds are singing outside our windows, and
the state park is just a short jaunt down the

The state park is beautiful, but it's almost
impossible to get in there without reservations
months ahead of time. To tell you the truth, the
office personnel there weren't exactly warm and
friendly when we inquired. It kind of felt like
the woman we were talking with enjoyed being able
to tell us NO! :0[ Plus the sites are very
engulfed by trees, making it impossible for us to
stay connected to the Internet with our satellite.

But it's only $15 a night for us here, and
we can still get satellite signal over the
top of the trees! And we can walk to the park
from here too. We're also here with just one other
RV, so it's very quiet and peaceful.

Aside from our grumpy state park lady, the people
in St. Augustine are extremely friendly and helpful.
We're enjoying it very much because it still retains
an "old Florida" flavor, rather than being jammed with
highrises and condos everywhere.