Sunday, April 30, 2006

Stormy Beach Day

Today we decided our trek would be to the beach.
The day started off with a stormy theme, blustery
breezes and churning grey seas, so not too many
pictures this time!

We still enjoyed the salty
tang of the air, freewheeling gulls and

and the little "road racer" sandpipers...

Of course, Rusty loves going to the beach too!

Did you know once upon a time Labradors were used to drag in
the nets for fishermen on the Atlantic? We always wonder if
there's still some salt running through Rusty's veins that
calls him to the sea...
Or maybe he just likes beachin' it!

Along the way, we stopped for breakfast at this little place on
the beach we remembered from our last visit.

We love it because it's tiny, the food's good, and it
feels like a real "locals" kind of place.
All in all, even with the grey day, it was still a
wonderful walk on the beach...

But Rusty's doggone tired now!