Sunday, April 09, 2006

World Headquarters Fools The Eye

We've been having so much fun at world headquarters.
Check it out, but don't forget to read the explanations!

A clever corner and a fiberglass niche instantly aged to perfection.
Vintage Mexican "tree of life" candle holder adds a nice touch, Si?

The old white metal door transformed. This one even fooled our
woodworker! (see my 40's lamp from Mexico?)

Even the hallway is a walk on the beach!

View from the bedroom (could it really be a closet??)

The Cantina out back (or an old metal building reborn!)

Viejo Mexico...

Do you like our garden?

Window on the world from our courtyard

Boring white door becomes a courtyard gate with a view!

Thanks Debra!

Our good friend and "artiste" Debra has joined forces
with us to fool the eye with her gorgous murals.

Debra has the patience of a saint, as I hatch yet
another plan for a wall, door, or corner of our
little casita.

Right now we're frantically preparing to take the
Redneck Ferarri on a cross country jaunt. But before
we go, I wanted to give you a little virtual tour
of our winter project.

When we bought this place last spring, it was your
typical little box of a mobile home, with terrible fake
wood paneling, dull wallpaper complete with tiny brown
spice jars, and some Gawd-awful flowered paper in the
bathroom and bedroom.

Away we went on our travels, until we returned last
September and commenced to tearing the place apart.
The only thing left inside was the bathtub and the

White metal doors were painted to look like old Mexican
wooden doors. The corner niche was built into a fake
corner and the white fiberglass transformed into a burnished
work of art. Closet doors turned into beaches, and the
bedroom closet became a Mexican courtyard. But the best
was saved for last, with the expansion of our backyard
garden and courtyard wall, plus our "cantina".

Hope you enjoyed seeing what we've been up to
here at Tina Writes International. ;0)

P.S. Check out the "window" in the back courtyard.
Can you tell what we did?