Friday, May 05, 2006

Blue Ridge Parkway - Day 2

Had to wash clothes and get some groceries, so we didn't
get moving until noon...VERY unusual for us! We're cursed
with rainy weather, but it's still very pretty. We're finding
the Blue Ridge Parkway is kind of like leaving the "real world"
behind. We're not seeing too much traffic either. Here's the
visitor's center at the highest point on the Parkway...

Lots of parking since the traffic is still very light.

There are huge views from both sides of the road...

Then we drove on for a slow 50 miles to our campground.
Many of the campgrounds at the higher elevations are still
closed, but there were plenty of places at Linville Falls.
This is a National Park Service campground, so with Ron's
Golden Access, we are paying just $8.00 a night! No hookups,
but that's just fine with us.

There were only 2 long pull-thrus like this, so we were happy to
nab this one. No cell phone service, but a good clear shot for our
satellite, so we have TV and Internet. Isn't that cool?

"A river runs through it" right in the campground. Looks
like good fishing, since the other campers all seem to have
fishing poles outside their rigs.

We're just a mile from the Linville Falls Visitor's Center,
which is a jumping off point for a number of hikes to
two different waterfalls. We're really hoping the rain lets
up (we had a HUGE thunder storm soon after we arrived). We
drove up by the visitor's center, where we saw this pretty
scene from the parking lot.

It's still raining, but I love the sound of rain on the
roof of the RV at night. Such a cozy way to go to sleep.
See you tomorrow!