Saturday, May 06, 2006

Blue Ridge Parkway - Day 3 Early Morning

Imagine our excitement when we awoke to the SUN coming
up! Hooray! Here's one of the empty campsites with the
sun filtering through. Smells so good and piney.
A fast walk around the campground reveals all
manner of RVing...there are 2 teensy Casitas here...

And here's how it all begins with RVing! The Boy Scouts arrived
in force last night. Here's their encampment in the
group camping area...

The campground has beautiful meadow areas...

As well as this peaceful river...

I was surprised to find these tiny little shells scattered
on it's banks, just like the beach!

Looks inviting, but no swimming allowed!

We could hear it's song when were going to sleep last night.

I especially love seeing the wildflowers in bloom, don't you?

The dogwoods are gracing us with their gifts as well...

And here's a little reminder that
"We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!" :-)

OK, that's it for the early-bird report.
We've had our oatmeal and toast, and are off to find
the waterfalls. More later today!