Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Bridge Too High!

Blogger has been broken for a few days, so now
I'll be catching you up on what we've been UP to...
starting with this freaky bridge!

We succumbed to a "tourist" moment and drove up
to Grandfather Mountain to walk on this suspension bridge.

Don't try driving up it in an RV though. The hairpin turns were challenging
for our big truck, and the length limit is 28 feet. I think that's
still a bit generous, considering the tightness of these curves!

The view is spectacular though...

The wind was whipping at the top of the mountain, making
the approach to the bridge worthy of a few nervous thoughts.
Notice it says "swinging", and it does! Of course, this
sign didn't exactly make me feel better...

But we came to walk it, and by golly walk it we did! The wind
in the cables makes an eerie sound, so not only does it swing, it SINGS...

I tried not to look out the sides...

I'll just follow these folks!

Made it across and back again. Here comes Ron behind me.
Notice Rusty's uneasy look over the side? He didn't like this bridge one
little bit and just wanted to get Ron safely across it.

This bridge is so high, the plants around it feel like
you're in an alpine meadow. Don't know what these are, but
they were pretty, don't you think?

So, we did our touristy thing, survived, and are happy to get
back to admiring the views and hiking the trails.