Friday, May 19, 2006

Fife And Drum Corp Moment

We've been busy visiting with our daughter
this week. Today we went onto the post at
Fort Meyer to see what is called a "small show"
by the Fife and Drum Corp.

It was difficult to get good photos in the
event hall, due to low lighting, but here's a few...

After they perform, the FDC likes to mix and
mingle with the audience. While Fife and Drum
corps are not so prevalent in the West, on the
East Coast they enjoy a certain "celebrity" with
their enthusiastic followers.

This presentation was for a group of school kids
from Kentucky, who were enthralled with their
up close and personal look at the musical soldiers
of the FDC.

There is always great curiosity about their
authentic uniforms, true to the history of
the past.

Our daughter Brooke (minus her white wig and
Tricorn hat!) plays a tune for some of the kids...

Pretty Brookie and her fans!

Duet with her fellow fifer is a crowd pleaser...

An FDC drummer answers questions about his handmade drum.

As we walked back to the FDC headquarters, we passed
the Caissons preparing for a funeral at Arlingtion National

The horses are prepared for their somber assignment...

To bear their precious cargo in the same wagon
that has carried past presidents and fallen heroes...

This pair await their turn another day.

After our visit, we went to the Shirlington district
for lunch at Carlyle's...

With our "fifer" Brooke, and her friend Mark,
a bugler in the FDC (that means he plays trumpet
in the "real world!")