Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Final Miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway

We left our campsite on Sunday morning. The day was foggy,
grey, and rainy. Saw lots of wildlife though...owls, wild turkeys,
deer, rabbits, and a red tailed hawk. We stopped along the way
to check out the new Appalachian Music Center, which looks like
it will be a wonderful asset to the area. They plan to have
weekly outdoor concerts here all summer.

There are several additional buildings for workshops and presentations.

It was pouring rain so we didn't walk further, but this is the
back side of the outdoor ampitheater. They've already had Ricky Skaggs
perform here.

We drove on, but took a break at this Blue Ridge Visitor's Center to
see the re-created farm.

All of the buildings are authentic, but were moved here from various mountain locations in the 1950's. Here's the main cabin...

I wonder what it was like to call this place home so long ago?
This was their root cellar and "refrigerator".

A cozy barn for the livestock...

The foggy day lends a moody feel to our walk.

We ended our sloppy travel day at a Wal-Mart close to the
Parkway in Roanoke, VA. Next we transition onto Skyline Drive
in Shenandoah National Park.