Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lunch With Louise

After our hike, we headed here...

We ate dinner here last night in the tiny village of Linville, NC
and enjoyed it so much, we came back for more!

The restaurant has been here since 1936. Besides yummy homecooked
food, it's claim to fame is that the place straddles three counties!
Your food is cooked in one county...served in another...and you pay
in a third...all without leaving the building. Little blue signs
like this point out which county you're sitting in while you dine.

It's a cozy little "down home" kind of place.

And the heart of the place is "Famous Louise" herself!
She patted her hair and protested a bit, but still let me take
her photo. She had just finished making a batch of jams and
jellies to send to her grandson in Iraq.

The window sills are lined with the "stained glass" jams
and jellies Louise makes.

Ron had the fresh trout(complete with hush puppies!)...

and I had broiled chicken (with absolutely delicious baked apples!)

Everything is made from scratch, and tastes incredibly good!
Such reasonable prices sure to stop in if you're in
the neighborhood.