Saturday, May 13, 2006

Urban Surprises

Very close to Cherry Hills is a county park with a wonderful
walking-running-biking path. We'll be walking here every day
weather permitting. It's quite a surprise to find this amazingly
natural place in the midst of the frantic pace of the D.C. area.

The wide paved path follows a creek. You can almost forget
how much "in the city" you are here.

Sturdy pedestrian bridges cross the creek...

Along the way you walk through open field areas, and next
to a golf course. We were surprised to find a marshy area with
these wild iris in bloom...

And plenty of birds, including this heron...

And these Canadian Geese who were undoubtedly guarding
a nesting female. They kept an eye on us, and voiced
a continuous verbal alarm system!

We walked all the way to the University of Maryland before
we turned back, and still had miles of trail we could follow
if we wanted to continue. All in all, a very pleasant 4-1/2 mile
walk. We're happy to have a nice place to get our exercise while
we're here!