Thursday, June 22, 2006

Custom Built Excellence - New Horizons

After our lakeside respite, it was
time for our visit to Horizons. How about
his for an all-star review?
Built by hand, only 50 are produced
each year and are the only fifth wheel
that gets a five star rating as a full-timer's
fifth wheel.

Here are some new rigs waiting
for the final touches...

And guess what? In September we'll be
back to check on one more in the line.
Our new one! We spent the week designing
our new rig. We'll be the first 2007 after
their new show rig is built. Yippee! Stay
tuned for the grand tour when it's done.

In the meantime, our gorgeous 2003 (prominently
featured throughout this blog) is now for sale.
It's a perfect fulltimer's rig, so drop us a
line if you're interested. Besides, it's stuffed
full of good karma!