Friday, June 23, 2006

A Friend To RVers...

This is such a cool place. We stopped in Wall, SD to
cruise through Cabela's on Father's Day.
Pix are kind of dark because it was raining a bit,
but check this out. HUGE parking lot specifically
for RV's. Trucks are directed to a separate lot. You
can stay here, no problem.

There's a complete dumpsite too...

This is a great parking place, with Menards across the street. If you
haven't been in one before, they're like a nice Home Depot or Lowes.
Super Wal-mart on the same block too.

There are even dog kennels at the end of the RV
parking lot, and a huge grassy area with a pond.
You can see it in the background behind the kennels.

You can get locks for the kennels at the front desk
if you want to leave your furry friend in a kennel
while you shop.

We had a great time and spent hours in the store. They even
had a little Father's Day breakfast buffet.

Rusty couldn't quite figure this guy out though...

But that was only the beginning of the critters
he encountered.

Cabela's has ALL thinks hunting and fishing, along with
lots of other outdoor gear. Plus, the decor is quite interesting
to say the least.

Here's the moosey guy who didn't quite make into the above photo.
Sorry buddy...

Four pairs of shoes, a shirt, and a life jacket for
Rusty later, we returned to the parking lot to find this
perfect example of too little truck for too much load. Don't
know if you can see it, but the truck was busy spewing it's
fluids all over the parking lot.

At any rate, we had fun at Cabela's and are happy
to see they are building new stores in both Boise, ID
and Glendale, AZ. All of their stores welcome RV's with
this type of facilities.