Thursday, June 29, 2006

Furious Blogging-the Badlands...

This is getting ridiculous. I'm getting emails
from friends saying "you're not doing anything..."

Yeah sure. Actually, I'm working my kiester off
and haven't had time to post. So I shall now
leap into a furious blog fest as I try to get
caught up to the present...

After Cabellas, we headed straight to the
Badlands. We were here years ago, and always
thought it would be cool to spend a night here.

Who says you can't stay in National Parks
in a big rig?

For five buckaroos a night, this was our stopping place.

It stays light out for a long time now, so
we took an evening walk through the hills.

We decided we wanted to get moving on to
Wyoming, so left at 5:30 a.m. The morning
light was glorious, and we stopped at a trailhead
to have a morning stroll. At 6 a.m., we were the
only ones on the trail. Here we are looking back at
our rig...we became human petroglyphs with our shadows!
Can you see Rusty's shadow too?

It's such an unusual place, with expanses of
prairie bordered by the rock formations.

The wind dances through the wildflowers...

and the craggy canyons carved out by time...

After our walk, we drove a little further.
Isn't it hard to imagine that this great expanse
was once a sea and then a jungle?

The hills reveal their ancient past in their rich colors of red
and green. Compressed palm trees perhaps??

As we were leaving I commented to Ron that my only
disappointment was that we hadn't seen any Bighorn Sheep.
They were almost gone for good here, but have been
reintroduced. Right before we left the National Park,
we decided to stop in one last pullout to admire the view.
We crested a hill just in time to see...

This guy! But it got even better.
He wasn't alone. He was with his family!
Here's one of the Mom's with her kid...

They scrambled over the side, and made their
way up a steep rocky face.I could hardly stand
to watch as the little baby sheep teetered on a
rocky ledge. It was so quiet, you could hear the loose
rocks tumbling from under their feet. But the little guys stuck
like glue. Here's a closeup of the group...

This will give you a better perspective
of the precarious position! Can you see them
in the middle of the picture?

Big Daddy kept an eye on things from below...

We were so happy to see this unique
moment with the whole Bighorn Sheep family.
What a great way to finish our stay in
the Badlands. Next stop...WYOMING!