Thursday, June 22, 2006

Good Eats In Kansas

We love to go exploring in the smaller towns, and
while we were at Horizons we headed out to find
a unique restaurant we'd read about. It's called
the Hickory Tree, and it's about 60 miles West
of Junction City in the teensy town of Smolan.

Set up in an old high school, folks travel from
miles around to go here. It's an "all you can eat"
BBQ buffet for $12 each, including tax, beverage, and
dessert. The entire gym has been transformed into
a dining room with a fun theme, and even still has
basketball nets and cages around the lights. The walls
are papered with old National Geographic Magazine covers.

Life is dessert first! The dessert table
is the first stop inside the door.

It's called the Hickory Tree because all the BBQ is done
over hickory wood. Ribs anyone?

There's also chicken and shredded pork too, plus
all the yummy side dishes. Mmmmmmmm good!

Be sure you stop here if you're in the area. They're
only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings though.

Everybody has a great time...

And if you want, you can even sign the wall in the
front stairway when you're done!