Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lunch in Buffalo, Wyoming

We'd heard about Tom's Diner in the quaint little
town of Buffalo, Wyoming. We decided to stop and
check it out on our way through.

Just our kind of place, small, unique, and
full of locals. Tom's the owner, the cook,
and an author too. Really nice guy.

This pretty much sums up the size of the place. Tom's the guy
in the middle in the gray t-shirt, busy cooking with his
back to the camera.

And here's the size of the homemade green chili
burger with handcut french fries. Too big! Should
have split one. Really good though!

Tom sings while he's cooking, and comes around
the counter to visit with you in between orders.
Here's the really funny part...

I was reading a newspaper clipping on the wall
about Tom's recent book about his childhood in
Wyoming. Wrote it with his older brother Jerry.
Turns out it's Tom and Jerry in Jerry
Spence the big time defense attorney, often seen
on national TV in his big cowboy had and fringed
buckskin jacket! There was one small photo on the
wall of the two of them. It's a small world after all.

Check it out if you're in Buffalo. Open for
breakfast and lunch, Tom locks the door about 1 p.m.
Right on the main drag of town, easy to find.
We parked the rig about two blocks away by the
elementary school.