Sunday, June 04, 2006

A New Baby In Washington DC

The week has flown by. Hope you'll understand, but we've been
totally devoted to welcoming a new "baby" into our midst...

Here it is...

No not the big guy in the chair! That's our son, setting up my new Apple iMac!
You can see my battle scarred PC next to him in my well-used mobile office.

Derek, a devoted Apple user, has been trying to convert
us for the past ten years. Now that Apple has the Intel chip, we've
finally made the plunge. It's very cool and we're excited about all the things
we can do with it. Ron is even getting ready to change over from his little
travel laptop in the truck to another iMac.

Derek has been patiently (mostly!?!) guiding us through the transition.

After a few days of intense orientation to the new system, it was time
to say goodbye to the kids for now, and head back West. Our departure
was made a little less traumatic with plans to see them again in a few

We were off by mid-day after taking Derek to the train for his trip
back to New Haven. We traveled the turnpike through Pennsylvania
where we found NO RV parking at the Pittsburgh Wal-mart! What a there is a rush of RV's heading for Pittsburgh for Pete's
sake?? At any rate, we pushed on into Ohio where we found a
quiet corner in a FRIENDLY Wal-Mart and spent the night.

At a turnpike service area in Ohio the next morning,
we spent a little time chatting with a fellow Freightliner owner.