Sunday, June 04, 2006

On To The Heartland...

We arrived in Indiana with plans to stay here for a few days. Surprisingly, there
are not many RV parks in Elkhart. Kind of odd really, considering this is a
crossroads for everything RV.

We headed to the Elkhart RV park and were hugely disappointed! The
spaces were crammed closely together, and the Wi-Fi they advertised
turned out to only work in a few areas of the park. Since we had some
huge files to send, we wanted to use a faster download speed for
a day or two.

Normally we would dry camp at the Elkhart Elk's Lodge (right on
the golf course) but one of the reasons we're here is to get our
generator serviced, and the weather has been cloudy, so we decided
to stay in a park for a few days.

We headed south to Goshen to the Elkhart County Fairgrounds
which has been a much happier place to be. You can buy a Wi-Fi card
here for $5 a day.

We had a bit of a challenge getting backed in though. They had just
covered the ground with fresh sawdust, but neglected to mention
to us that they were covering wet mud! The weight of our rig was
considerable on the mushy ground, but we muscled our way in, just in
time too...a few minutes later that threatening sky let loose with a huge
thunderstorm. Look at that sky!

Another angle of the fairground sites...

There have been two rallies going on, but we're tucked
in over by the horse arena, which we have enjoyed. Here's the view
from our back window.

There was a small rodeo the past two evenings, and we had
a front row seat for all the preparations from our rig!

It's fun to take our walks through and the fairgrounds because there's
always something interesting going on. Without a doubt, my favorite
thing has been to observe the Amish lifestyle up close. Here's how it
looked the first night of the rodeo in the "Amish parking lot."

This poor horse looked like he needed a good meal and a retirement
plan in some blue grass for the rest of his life. He was pretty bony and
dejected looking.

The juxtaposition of past and present is quite interesting to see...

Saturday night brought even more folks for a regular
traffic jam at the hitching post!

While I was wandering by a horse barn, I heard a tiny
voice and looked what I found under a horse trailer...

This little guy from the "barn cat crew" was very shy,
but came a little closer...

Eventually he even got playful.

But then he retreated under another piece of equipment. Sure did
make me think about having another cat though! We used to travel
with our beloved cat Sam, until he passed away at 14 years of age.

Continuing on our way, here's the Indiana
sunset over the fairground RV sites...

And the rodeo crowd gathering...

Our evening trek continued through one of the RV rally areas.
A friendly group of folks from an African American travel club.
They had their rigs decked out with palm trees and a tiki bar
and were singing Margaritaville! Having a good time in Indiana...

This is a great example of why we love the the RV lifestyle...all
of this was from a little more than 24-hours in Goshen, Indiana!

Pretty hard to get bored with life on the road.