Thursday, June 22, 2006

Onward to Junction City, Kansas

Our next stop after Indiana was Junction City, KS
to go to the Horizons factory. After many
bug riddled miles, we pulled into the brand new
car and RV wash next door. In we go!

Too bad the second half of their business wasn't
open yet. Rusty could have had a bath! Haven't seen
one of these combos since the Oregon Coast (see
our old blog posts for photos)

Ron's got his work cut out for him...

but the new facility makes it a little bit easier, and is infinitely
more inviting than the slack-jawed folks over at the
truckstop wash. We took one look at their lackluster attitudes
and made tracks to do it ourselves! All the modern conveniences
including a credit card machine...

And the triple threat of tri-colored foaming soap!

Ewwwwwww. Looks like an explosion in a cotton candy factory...

We were a few days early for our appointment at
Horizons, so we cruised over to the Corp of Engineers
Park at Milford Lake. There are several nice ones, but
all were full for the weekend except Farnum Creek, about
10 miles out of town. Golden Access gets you in for $8 a night!
Water and Electric, with a good dumpsite.

Nice views out of our back windows...

Even as evening creeps in with the full moon over the water.

and night falls...

Isn't life magical?
The darkness is always followed by the dawn.