Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Stroll

Finally, we're caught up on our week!
Today we headed out on the dirt roads around
the fairgrounds. If you want to stay here, be
aware that the fair is in July, so you won't be
able to at that time. This field is actually part of
the parking lot for the fairgrounds...looks like they
have their work cut out for them to clear it over
the next few weeks.

Words to live by or you'll be in deep doo-doo...

Or in grass higher than a guide dog's eye!

Ron couldn't resist venturing "in" so he told
Rusty to "stay" while he played wilderness explorer...

Rusty wasn't too sure about it though...

This is our last day at the fairgrounds. Tomorrow
we'll be going here...

It's only a few miles from here, so we drove
over to check it out. Look what we found!

They provide a great little RV park right behind their repair
facility and it's very quiet! If we'd known that, we'd have probably gone
straight there...did I mention the trains that pass the fair grounds all
through the night?? But then we'd have missed out on our adventures
at the here, so that's ok.

Look how nice the sites are...

They have electrical hookups at each of six sites, so if you're
in need of a generator service appointment, be sure to ask
about staying here.

In the next few days, we expect to be at Mor-Ryde, as well as
some of the RV surplus places in Elkhart. Then it's off to Kansas
on some of the "red roads"...then on to Idaho. Stay tuned!