Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lazy Crazy Daze of Summer...

FINALLY! Blogger seems to be back in business. Hooray!

OK, so it's been a while due to a mish mosh of things, including our extremely demanding schedule right now.

So let's give it a whirl, and I'll try and bring you up to speed super fast.

By the way...we're currently in Bend, Oregon, where the fires are threatening to gobble up Sisters. We used to live in Crossroads, and arrived just in time to hear they were evacuating our old neighborhood!

We raced up to Sisters, with fifth wheel in tow, to pick up our mail at our mail forwarder there. We had visions of our mail going up in flames, along with the town. Unfortunately, the pall of smoke kind of hangs heavy in many ways, but we're here for a week to get some work done.

Anyway, back to follow our trek to here...

After Yellowstone, we went to Henry's Lake to stay in the Red Rocks RV Park. While there, we made a reservation at the Bar N Ranch for a fabulous 4-course dinner. It was spectacular!

Here's the common area where we lounged until dinner was seated...

Surprisingly, a huge hibiscus was in full bloom in the sunny window.

Ron and Rusty as lord(s) of the manse!

We stayed at Red Rocks RV Park, and enjoyed the wide open spaces and spectacular sunsets.

We stopped to visit with the horses down the road on our morning walks. They smell so good with their sweet horsey scent.

From Henry's Lake, we journed on to Three Forks, Montana to meet with a colleague. We found this idyllic spot right outside of town for boondocking. From the Three Forks exit off of I-90, take the frontage road towards the golf course. Head toward the three ponds, and pull over anyplace for a quiet night's rest. We even had muskrat swimming past our door!
A gorgeous sunset capped off our long day...

Here's where we parked by dawn's early light. It was a peaceful place to sleep.

The view across the road as the night gives way to day.

From Three Forks we climbed over LoLo Pass to drop down towards Moscow, Idaho. Ron has many fond memories of driving a big wrecker on the pass during the winter, to haul big rigs out of their winter driving predicaments, and he wanted me to see it.

Here he is standing in front the cabin at the Lodge. This was his winter home many years ago.

The Clearwater River is your companion all along Hiway 12, with plenty of beautiful views.

We stopped in Kamiah, ID to visit some friends, then on to Clarkston, Washington to stay at Granite Lake RV Park for a few days. Here Rusty got to try out the new life jacket we purchased for him when we were at Cabella's! Looks good, and works great too!

Then into the Snake River for the maiden voyage...

You might be wondering why the heck a labrador needs a life jacket, yes? Well, Rusty is a guide dog, and we take every precaution to keep him safe. He loves to swim, but gets pretty darned brainless when he does, and we're always afraid he'll swim to exhaustion and we won't be able to rescue him. So, peace of mind for all of us in his bright red life jacket. Good dog Rusty boy.

From Clarkston, it was on to Life on Wheels in Moscow, Idaho. We had a nice time, and visited with some dear friends in Pullman. But overall, after ten years on the road, there wasn't too much new stuff for us at this event. Still, it was fun to see everyone, and be part of the gathering.

Huge generators provided power for those who didn't care to forgo air conditioning in the 90 degree temperatures...

Pretty sunsets over the Palouse, as well as a few afternoon thunderheads.

As always, Rusty was center stage. Isn't he a handsome guy?

Phew, that's it for the marathon blog post! From Moscow, we spent a few weeks in the Spokane and Tri-Cities area, visiting with Ron's kids. Now that we're caught up, I'll make sure to post smaller posts more frequently again.

From here, believe it or not, we'll be back in YUMA in AUGUST! Yikes! We need to take care of some business, and get ready to pick up our new rig in Kansas. Then we'll be cross country once again, on our way to Maine for a seminar the first week of October.

I'll be posting some pics of our 2003 New Horizons fifth wheel very soon. It's for sale! Time to make room for our new 2007.