Monday, August 09, 2004

Darlingtonia...the plant with an appetite for life

Across from the Elk's Lodge outside of Florence, there's a wooded wayside. I always thought the name "Darlingtonia" referred to the park. But it's the plants IN the park. We took a walk on the wild side and met up with the gang.

These cobra-like plants are pretty unique little fellows. They lure insects with those pointy "tongues", who then crawl into the hood for a sweet treat. Once there, they are confused by the many little "windows" of light. Can't find their way out...and down the hatch they go. They fall down the thick tubular stem into a pool of digestive enzymes. Never to be seen or heard from again...except for an occasional muffled burp from the guys. Posted by Hello

Plants With An Agenda

An Army of Darlingtonia...I swear these guys were changing position when I wasn't looking. Hope they don't decide to turn on us.

The Keeper of the Light

The classic lighthouse of the Oregon Coast...Heceta Head. When we first started RVing we gave tours here.

Breathe In The Salty Air...

By now you should be getting the idea...if you haven't been to the Oregon Coast yet you are really missing out on something special.

It really IS this good!


What more can you say about the Oregon Coast? It's a special place. This is just north of Florence, where it reached an unbelievable 92 degrees on Sunday!

Where In the World is Rusty?

Rusty gets to go soooo many places! We'll feature him in his "work clothes" from time to time. He's a lucky fella, because he never gets left behind.
(See answer below!)

Saturday in Winchester Bay, Oregon

The marina at Winchester Bay has a number of choices for your stay. This is the full hookup park. The sites are wide, beautiful views on both sides of the park. Can you see the big tanker in the distance? If you look hard enough you can see the tiny speck of foam on a wave at the mouth of the harbor.

It's not cheap...between $25 and $30 a day, and you'll probably need reservations waaaay ahead of time if you're planning on August or September. We're not staying here...but it's a beautiful park. Nice walking path all around the peninsula where the park's located, by the water all the way. And can stay in the "cheap seats" across the way and have the same view...and walk the same path!

The "Cheap Seats" at Winchester Bay

Ron's a sucker for old wooden boats, big blue water, and RV's. This view's from the boondocking side...the full hookup park operated by the marina is what's across the way.

The Good Life Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

Pretty nice boondocking, yes? $10 a day, or $160/month "inside" spaces, about $180 a month on the water. Restroom, pay showers, water, and dumpsite at the end of the parking lot.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Paws for some cleaning...Florence, Oregon

One Stop Washing...note small door to extreme right. It's our first ever in our travels, do it yourself...PET WASH! Now, if only they had washers & dryers. Actually, right across the road is another "one stop". We saw a combo where you could work up a sweat..."Curves"+Laundermat+Pay Showers.

Rusty the Wonderdog

Rusty getting washed and waxed.

"Ron washed my face off!" Giant Pomeranian? Tina captures the action shot of Turbo-Dog having an after-bath shake out.

Hmmm....who had the bath here?

There's No Place Like It....

The only problem with driving the Oregon Coast need to stop every few miles.

South of Coos Bay, Oregon. One of the abundant places to stop and admire the spectacular views.