Saturday, September 10, 2005


Gosh, here we are again...six months later!

As you can see, we've been busy reorganizing
a few things. It's been an overwhelming year
of change and growth for us.

And by the way...we ended up with a whole new
roof mount satellite system for instant internet.

But more about that later...

Because today is the very first day of our new
blog format! And we're going to be sharing a lot
of great information about RVing with you...

Things like how to use solar power for your
RV...things you should be careful about when
you're looking for RV insurance for your rig...
how to customize your rig for your specific
needs (like a mobile office for example) to make money on the road...and lots more!

But before we do that, I just want to say how
very thankful we are to be alive and well, and to
know that our family is too.

The great wide skies of Arizona are looking
absolutely wonderful today...and it's just
good to hear the birds and feel the faint
touch of fall in the air.

But I can't stop thinking about those who
are facing yet another day of loss...

Hurricane Katrina has got to be the most
incredibly botched rescue effort in the history
of our country. It's shameful, and heartbreaking too.

We all need to help...with emergency housing,
time, money...whatever resources we can share.

You know, the RV lifestyle is the greatest
for so many reasons...not the least of which
is flexibility.

Over the years, we've often discussed how we
could always live off the grid for survival in
our RV, if the world ever got too crazy.

We've already heard several stories of folks
who were able to flee Hurricane Katrina in their
RV's, who lost everything they were forced to
leave behind.

But at least they escaped with their lives, and
a house on wheels to shelter them. Instead of
being forced to abandon their beloved pets, depend
on a jammed up shelter or being sent to God knows where
to try and piece together a life somehow...
they can decide where and how to restructure their future.

So today, hug someone you love. Look around
with your eyes wide open and be thankful for what you

And please, share some of your blessings with
someone who could use an extra helping of
"goodness" right now, OK?

We'll talk again soon (promise!)