Sunday, January 29, 2006

World Headquarters In Yuma, AZ

Even though we started full time RVing over 10 years ago, we periodically get the urge to "nest" for a while.

Over the years, we've had three different winter properties in the foothills of Yuma, Arizona. Fixed them up and enjoyed them, been bitten even harder by the travel bug, sold em' and headed off into the wild blue yonder again.

The've been profitable investments and temporary "storage units!"

This time we decided to completely remodel a little place in the Foothills, and transform it into a winter office for my freelance copywriting work, as well as a place for some freedom for Ron's guide dog Rusty.

Even if we're only here a month or two a year, the property here is increasing in value at a mind-boggling pace, so it's money in the bank. Besides, we've had great fun transforming it into an "old Mexico" tropical retreat.

And it gives me a chance to flex my green thumb a bit. The place had no vegetation whatsoever on it when we bought it last spring, except for one palm tree and a nice Saguaro cactus.

We've also had murals painted on the outside storage building, as well as inside the place. More photos of that later! For today, here's a few shots of our personal little tropical paradise, and our private "beach"! (Can you find the garage door handle in the middle of our ocean view??)

Happy Travels. If you're in Yuma, shoot us an email. We'll have a Corona or Margarita and watch the sunset over the mountains.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Shhh...You Can Still Park Your RV Here!

Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California.

Rather nice as casinos go...with a half way decent buffet too. Apart from the usual gambling den flooded with noise and neon, the hotel and restaurant part of the casino is surprisingly upscale.

We could care less about gambling, but if that's important to you, plenty of opportunities abound.

Lots of "water features" all around the grounds, with some very nice landscaping, complete with flitting hummingbirds in the hibiscus garden, and grapefruit laden trees.

We were happy with the restful areas to sit outside scattered with chunky mission style upholstered furniture, and a big dirt parking lot out back for your RV.

Signs are posted that say no overnight parking or camping, but one guy said he'd been there for 18-days without a problem. There was an average of 8-10 rigs there each night, plus a few truck drivers. We stayed two nights and nobody batted an eye.

They seem to have a surprisingly good lineup of entertainment in their Special Events Center. Bonnie Raitt coming in February, as well as Alison Krause. The Event Center is adjacent to the RV parking lot, which is actually their special event parking.

So I suspect you might get chased out if you try to stay there on one of their big entertainment weekends.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Misty Morning At Harris Ranch

Simple beauty on a misty morning. A stroll
around Harris ranch yields many small surprises.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Carnivore Moment

When you're racing through the "everything looks
the same" landscape of the Central California
I-5 corridor, be sure and keep an eye out for
Harris Ranch.

It's a lovely little oasis that will transport
you to the feeling of "old California", and a
delicious place to stop for a meal.

Now I have to say, I could care less about steak,
or pretty much beef in general outside of an
occasional hamburger.

But even I can appreciate the incredibly healthy
looking cuts of beef at Harris Ranch!

They ship anywhere in the world, which is also
rather impressive.

But my favorite thing to do at Harris Ranch
is have breakfast. Mmmm-good! Great service too,
and most likely you'll overhear local ranchers
or citrus growers discussing their crops or
irrigation systems while you butter your biscuits.

Harris Ranch has plenty of oversized parking for
your RV, so don't be afraid to stop. You can get
fuel, buy a bag of locally grown oranges for a buck,
wander the hallways of the inn, and have a memorable
meal too.

This is what RVing is all about isn't it? To be
able to stop and enjoy the surprises along the way,
even if you're temporarily traveling via the freeway.

For me, this is one of the rewards of being a freelance
copywriter. Being able to travel in our RV, creating
special days and memories.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Another Beautiful Golf Course

This one happens to be right next to the Elk's Lodge
in Gilroy. We spent some at Camping World, then took
a walk here.

Isn't this a lovely view? A couple of golfers came by in
their cart and told me not to walk onto the course...
they had just seen a baby bobcat! It sped away into
the woods on the left, and they said the Momma Bobcat
was probably not far away.

The golf course appears to be huge, definitely
need a golf cart to play here.

We're heading back towards Indio for a few days
to hover close by while a friend has surgery.
Then on to Quartzsite to meet up with friends there.

All the while, I'm able to work on copywriting
projects on the road with our Datastorm satellite.
Pretty cool!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


After our seminar in San Francisco, I needed a few
days to catch up with other projects.

So we've been hanging out in Gilroy, California
for a few days. But fair warning...don't spend
time in Gilroy unless you LOVE garlic!

Just like when you go to Hershey, PA the air
is thick with the scent of chocolate...Gilroy
lives under an almost constant layer of
garlicy aromas. They also grow lots of
brocolli here, so when the inversion begins,
it's kind of like living in a giant stir
fry wok. Pretty pungent!

Folks that live here don't seem to notice
it much, but we sure do.

But it's a convenient place to stop, with
a new Walmart Supercenter nestled right
next to a Costco. Plus our favorite burger
stop, In and Out Burgers.

Just up 101 a few miles is a Camping World.
And if you're an Elk, Gilroy has an Elk's Lodge
with RV hookups.

But don't even think about staying overnight
in a parking lot in Gilroy! There's a city
ordinance forbidding overnight parking. And
the Walmart parking lot is filled with signs
telling you so in no uncertain terms.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Making Money On The Road

I've been gone for a few days, doing what
we do to make money while we travel.

We just finished up a copywriting semianr
in San Francisco at the Hyatt Regency.

See me at the front table? My buddy Harlan
Kilstein and I put an eager throng of copywriters
through their paces for 17-hours a day
over four action packed days.

Freelance copywriting has been the ideal
business for us as we travel. I can do it
from anywhere we are.

We've outfitted our custom built New Horizons
fifth wheel as a mobile office, complete with
mobile Internet satellite. Matter of fact,
the "mobile office" was parked in the Hyatt's
parking lot (through special arrangements with
our event planner)

The seminar wrapped up about midnight last
Monday night. Tuesday we scooted back to
Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world!

Sitting here for a few days while I finish
up on two deadlines. Then we'll be headed back
towards Arizona and warm weather. There's
frost outside here this morning!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Goodbye Borrego...Hello San Francisco!

It's hard to leave such a gorgeous place, but
off we go into the wild foggy yonder.

We're on the road to San Franciso. I'm
conducting a copywriting seminar with a
colleague, so time to get down to business!

You see, working on the road can be so
much more profitable than cleaning toilets
in a campground.

We're taking the mobile office all the
way to the Hyatt Regency, where we'll
be for several days.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Are You A Golf Nut?

We aren't...but if we were, this would be a great
place to indulge!

The RV park is still being constructed, but they already have
a gorgeous golf course wrapping three sides of the park.
Eventually, the golf course will surround the entire park.

It's beautifully manicured, and practically everyone staying
here has golf bags sitting outside the door of their rig.
Of course, I love the birds the landscaping attracts.

Along with your golf clubs, be sure and bring your
hummingbird feeder! The little jeweled wonders
zip to and fro all through the park.

But keep your kitties inside if you travel with
a cat...we hear coyotes yipping and barking
every night, and early in the morning.

Some guy pulled out the other day, and then called
the park announcing he had "forgotten" his cat.

Sure enough, the poor thing is huddled under
somebody's motorhome, refusing to come out.
Even the enticement of some aromatic tuna
didn't budge the little fellow.
He jumps up into the undercarriage of the
motorhome and disappears.

I can't for the life of me understand why the pet
owner didn't just turn around immediately and
come back for his friend. Apparently he called
minutes after he left, so he couldn't have been
too far away. Oh well. Some people don't deserve
the love and devotion of their pets. :0[

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Winter Wonderland

This is our idea of how to spend the the beautiful
deserts of the West and Southwest.

We're on our way to San Francisco on business. So we
decided to stop and see our good friends Edith and Peter
Hahn in Borrego Springs, Calfornia.

We're staying a few days at a brand new RV park
called the Springs at Borrego.

They're still working out a few of the kinks, but
this is going to be a spectacular RV park when
it's done.

The sunrise is gorgeous every day, as seen from
our campsite!