Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day In Margaritaville

You ever have one of those Valentine's Days?

You know...the one's where you think "somebody" forgot all about it...it's just another day...maybe kind of a crappy one at that if you've been neglected.

Early morning "grocery cart wrangling" at our local Fry's, overrun with herds of men wandering dazedly through the floral department, trying to remember what they'd already forgotten.

Grumbled my way through produce, grimly pushed on through dairy, tight-lipped my way to the front of the store.

Just get me the heck out of here!

About an hour later, as I was putting the finishing touches on a copywriting project, I heard a small voice outside my door...small and muffled actually.

Imagine my surprise when I looked out to see what appeared to be a large swath of a tropical rain forest on the move, with legs sprouting out the bottom.

But wait...it's the delivery woman...completely hidden by the incredibly huge floral arrangment she was struggling to woman-handle up the walkway.

You've never seen a more gorgeous display of husbandly devotion in all your life. An incredibly eye-popping blend of lavishly exotic floral species, elegantly displayed in a heavy woven basket.

And right here in Southwest Margaritaville, Yuma, Arizona. Land of dyed carnations with glitter on em.

Who woulda thunk it was possible.


It must be love.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Road Less Traveled...

RV having fun yet?

Why yes, as a matter of fact we are. Heading up, down, and around those roads less traveled has made ALL the difference.

We've actually done some of the things you will see here...

You guess which ones! :0)



Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Roving Green Thumb

Winter office in Yuma has a happy barrel growing home grown goodness. It's an amazingly simple pleasure, but I love to pick our tiny harvest every few days.

Plus, it's a daily reminder of how winter plays out in Arizona!

Fresh fruits and vegetables all winter long. Up the road is the little stand that sets up every day with fresh asparagus and strawberries.

Every bite a flavorful nibble of sunshine.

One of the many small blessings of our travel lifestyle.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Yuma Sunset

Here's last night's view from World Headquarters.

Eighty degrees yesterday, headed that way again today. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it! :0)

I'm working on a huge copywriting project that will take me through the month of February. But what a joy to be the masters of our own destiny with our work and our RVing lifestyle.

Yesterday we walked for 35 minutes, sat in the sunshine while we slurped up our oatmeal, and then I settled down at the computer for a few hours. The most pleasant interruption occurred when our friend and fellow RVer, Lloyd Triechel, suddenly appeard in his "silver slug" (his silver Dodge Truck).

We did what we always do when Lloyd trundles through Yuma...shared stories of our RV adventures, had lunch on the patio, and discussed our options for where we'd all be wandering this summer. Everwhere from the Oregon Coast to the Sawtooth Range in Idaho.

Then it was time for "Adios" until the next time. Saying "see ya" to our RVing buddies is never sad, because we know our paths will cross again soon in yet another spectacular location.

Sure beats the 9-5 grind.

If you're thinking about sticking your toe in the RVing waters...
what's stopping you?

I know it's nothing new...but you really DO only go around once. Life is so much more than settling back in the Lazy Boy waiting for the final chapter.

Don't just settle for wishing and hoping.
Get out there and do it while you can!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

McDowell Regional Park

Here's another one of our favorite places.

McDowell Regional Park, just outside Fountain Hills, AZ.
And THAT's just outside Scottsdale!

The really cool thing is McDowel Regional Park is only about
12 miles from the Mayo Clinic. So if you need to have a tune-up,
you can still enjoy this peaceful park.

One year I even recovered from surgery here, taking slow
walks around the campground loops. The constant birdsong
and scent of creosote bush was a healing balm for sure.

If you love birds, you'll love McDowell. One of my favorites
is the brilliant red cardinals with their mousy brown "wives".
I don't know why these festive birds don't visit Yuma, but
they never do.

One year we spotted an eight foot rattlesnake sunning itself
in an empty campsite. The park ranger said it was the biggest
they'd ever seen in the park.

It's peaceful and quiet, except for the intense activity of the
coyotes every night. You can hear all the myriad differences in
their nightly vocals, and watch the community rules of the pack.

They're all around the park every day.

Plus, if you enjoy mountain biking, the trails all around the
park are great.

Water and Electric hookups, huge campsites, gorgeous views,
and a dumpsite at the entrance to the campground.